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Julia Bognar's sequences are fun dynamic, fresh, and approachable/translatable. I especially appreciate that she does each move before starting the set. Her off and on flows make it practical to keep up. I did this 4 months post partum and am able to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes when I finished 21 days.


Verified Amazon Review

I literally used to hate working out or any type of exercising. I would force myself to work out or run and would never feel completely satisfied. These work out routines convinced me that working out can be fun! I was easily tuned into these because they are never more than 30 minutes. I love knowing I can get a hard core work out in 20 minutes and feel amazing right after and the days following. The soreness I feel is a good sore and I hate when I can't work out. I try to do these work outs four times a week. I feel amazing. Julia is amazing and I wish I had her here in person because I'd attend every class! If you're looking for a good work out to see results, this is it!

Lorina Beniamino

I really love the videos and her style. She has a good, tight focus on the most critical elements of each workout. I also like that each vid has an "oh gosh, this is *really* hard" moment, without being excruciating at all. I get a good sweat going, and enjoy the length of the workouts.

Definitely five stars. A great workout for those wanting to keep in shape (or get in shape). Perfect fit into my daily routine. Thank you for the high-quality instruction and enthusiasm. :)

Katherine G.

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<p><span style="color: rgba(120,104,104,1);" >Lorina Beniamino </span></p>, <p> </p>
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After 2 decades of experience, I can promise you that my style of total body, functional, exercise is effective. "Results" such as dropping weight or creating muscle definition are generally the primary reason people start a fitness program. So, if your goals include changing your body - I got you! But, my primary goal for you is that you feel strong, capable, comfortable, & a bit more free in your body today. Right now. Every day. It’s in creating your body as a place where you are happy to exist (even just a little bit more) every day, that your longer term goals become attainable & the process, enjoyable.

My hope is that this site is a welcoming & positive space for every body. I will always offer modifications to make workouts more accessible & am available to you if you have questions or need guidance. I’m so happy you are here!

❤️ Julia (aka Anita, Jillian's modifier👋)

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